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Let our sauna breathe new life into you!

Our main goal is to create an ultimate family spot focused on fun, health and fitness. We offer just that and more with a wide array of prefabricated and custom-made saunas built entirely from top quality materials. Assembly method is quite simple and economical and if you are more of DIY person, we will happily provide you with a sauna kit of your choice or build one for you!

When designing a sauna we meticulously account for every little detail including its size, shape, and components, which are perfectly matched with provided space, number of people who will be using it simultaneously and last but not least is the client’s budget. The great variety of services and products that we offer includes any residential, commercial, and outdoor Finnish saunas and Russian banyas, prefabricated kits and electric heaters, wood-burning stoves and miscellaneous accessories. Any expert or occasional user who appreciates the true value of a quality sauna will confirm that it is a harmony of body and soul!

Our Team

New Life Sauna is an integrated design and sauna manufacturing company specializing in the custom sauna builds, DIY kits, installations and sauna-related product distribution. Founded in 1985 in St. Petersburg (Russia) the company has expanded its horizons and successfully operated in Toronto, Canada for 15 years, leaving a proven track record of hundreds of satisfied customers. New Life Sauna quickly established itself as a market leader in the development and manufacture of European-style custom sauna projects based on its ability to deliver the highest quality, stylish design and quickest turn-around time.

Customer Service

We take pride in our work and especially the fact that what we do enhances people's lifestyle and well-being. We strive for the highest level of customer satisfaction by providing expert consultation and advice on all levels. Every project, regardless of its scale is tailored to suit individual requirements. The success of New Life Sauna is determined by our ability to operate as a unified team. We have to earn the trust and respect of our customers every day and as a result we offer honest and professional advice every step of the way with a wealth of experience derived from hundreds of successful installations of the most innovative and technical designs.

We know that price is important to you, and aim to keep ours competitive and we believe that we offer best value for the money. Only our best is good enough because the best is the least our customers deserve!

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Customer Service: (647) 247-3242 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

New Life Sauna is a Toronto- based custom sauna provider. We deal with only the highest quality sauna components, including custom saunas, sauna heaters, sauna accessories and custom sauna seating and lighting. Add warmth and style to your home or cottage with our wide selection of sauna products.

New Life Sauna: a proudly Canadian company.


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