Electric Heaters

Cilindro H 10.5 kW U1
Harvia Cilindro HPCS11U1H 10.5kW Electric ...
Cilindro H 6.8 kW U1
Harvia Cilindro HPCS7U1H 6.8kW Electric Sa...
Cilindro H 9 kW U1
Harvia Cilindro HPCS9U1H 9kW Electric Saun...
Club 10kW U1
Harvia Club K10G-U1 10kW Electric Sauna He...
Club 10kW U3
Harvia Club K10G-U3 10kW Electric Sauna He...
Club 12.5kW U1
Harvia Club K12.5G-U1 12.5kW Electric Saun...
Club 12.5kW U3
Harvia Club K12.5G-U3 12.5kW Electric Saun...
Club 15kW U1
Harvia Club K15G-U1 15kW Electric Sauna He...

New Life Sauna is a Toronto- based custom sauna provider. We deal with only the highest quality sauna components, including custom saunas, sauna heaters, sauna accessories and custom sauna seating and lighting. Add warmth and style to your home or cottage with our wide selection of sauna products.

New Life Sauna: a proudly Canadian company.


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