Custom Saunas

What is a custom sauna?

New Life Sauna creates saunas to fit every space, and spaces come in all shapes and sizes. Our custom saunas are created based on the dimensions of the space we have to work with. Whether we are working with a basement that has a lower ceiling than usual or with a small backyard that has the perfect corner for a sauna, our custom saunas fit your space perfectly. But a custom sauna is more than that – not only are the dimensions unique to your space, but the seating, lighting, windows, sauna heater and accessories are all unique as well.

With New Life Sauna, your custom sauna is truly one-of-a-kind!


What makes New Life Sauna unique?

New Life Sauna offers unparalleled quality. Our custom saunas will be enjoyed by you and your family for many years. We offer only the best quality Harvia sauna heaters, wood burning stoves and accessories. With our quality comes our commitment to making sure that each custom sauna we create is truly unique and of the highest quality possible. Please select one of the options below to view more information:

Indoor Custom Sauna
Residential Indoor Custom Sauna...
Outdoor Custom Sauna
Residential Outdoor Sauna...

New Life Sauna is a Toronto- based custom sauna provider. We deal with only the highest quality sauna components, including custom saunas, sauna heaters, sauna accessories and custom sauna seating and lighting. Add warmth and style to your home or cottage with our wide selection of sauna products.

New Life Sauna: a proudly Canadian company.


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